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Creating a bootable USB for SLAX, Ubuntu or any other Linux distro

One of my laptop’s hard disk crashed this weekend. The CD drive has been broken always so I spent a day on creating a USB drive on Ubuntu that I can boot my laptop with.

It seems there isn’t much documentation available for easily creating the USB stick bootable

Here is something that’s really easy & works without much command line interface.


It allows you to very easily create a Live linux distro on a USB. You can select almost any distro such as Ubuntu, SLAX, Fedora and dozen others.


I created SLAX and it worked fine. SLAX is one of the smallest Linux distro with all the features that a regular user would need. A very clean UI. (It takes about 2 hours to download & burn the USB on a 256 kbps line that I have at home).

Ubuntu, the most popular Linux Distro is bulky and it takes 5-6 times longer to download & burn on the USB.