Scoble moving to Half Moon Bay, California from Seattle

Robert Scoble is moving to Half Moon Bay, California . That’s a good news. Another huge addition to the list of great bloggers from Bay Area. Robert, looking forward to meet you at once of the local conferences.

For those of you, who don’t know Scoble, he is an (ex Microsoft) geek blogger who is very widely read in the Blogosphere and gave huge media attention to Microsoft in blogosphere. He quit his Microsoft Job and is joining in Palo Alto.



After attending Canada on Rails, I had the weekend left in Vancouver, so I decided to visit Whistler. It’s a very famous ski resort near Vancouver, Canada. Many people call it as the best Skiing resort in North America. In fact, I came to know about Whistler from the Hindi (Bollywood) Movie “Neal & Niki“, where some scenes were shot in Whistler.

Whistler is no doubt amazing. Very huge mountains, long runs to ski. This could be my biased view as I haven’t skied much other than Lake Tahoe & Auli in India. I could relate Whistler more to Auli as the snow was pristine, weather was like you are somewhere out of the world, clouds & sky was so near as you feel you can touch them. An unforgettable experience.

Ruby on Rails

Canada on Rails

I attended this conference last month. A wonderful conference on Ruby on Rails. Keynote speakers included David Heinmeier Hansson, David Black etc.

As a matter of fact, I attended this conference because the annual RailsConf was sold out. But it was all worth it. I did get a chance to talk to many knowledgable people on Ruby on Rails as well as got a chance to get my picture with David H Hansson.

Other people that I met there: Adriel, Carpenter, Amy etc.


Welcome Aboard – Beginning of the blog

Ladies & Gentlemen,

You are welcome on flight US 408 to the universe of blogosphere. My name is Pradeep Sethi & I am your captain for this flight. We would be travelling over deserts, mountains and oceans of technology, travel, blogosphere, spirituality & anything else that comes to my mind. Along the journey, I would be telling you more about myself.

I know that you have a choice in blogs reading and I thank you for choosing this blog. Now, please lock your seat belts.