Should we use ocean water to flush toilets, to save fresh water?

Should we use ocean water to flush toilets, to save fresh water? by @scottharrison

Answer by Scott Harrison:

More than 97% of all the water on earth is in the oceans, so finding new usage for salt water has huge potential. But right now, salt water doesn’t work for our household use. First, it would probably corrode the metal pipes and fixtures in toilet. And, second, our sewage treatment facilities can’t handle salty water. It’ll take a lot of innovation and investment to re-engineer our homes and businesses to work on salt water, and that’s probably a long way off.

Additionally, toilets only use a tiny percentage of fresh water consumed by humans. In fact, agriculture accounts for almost 85% of fresh water use and industry accounts for an additional 12%. So, when we’re looking at water conservation, there’s a lot more opportunity for improvement in those sectors than in domestic use.

Should we use ocean water to flush toilets, to save fresh water?

What’s the most motivating one-liner ever?

What's the most motivating one-liner ever? by Vaibhav Chawla

Answer by Vaibhav Chawla:

The biggest motivator is –

"You are rejected".

It works like hell.

I haven’t met anyone yet who has not felt the sting of rejection at some point in his or her life. You have probably been rejected by friends or family, or your teacher, or your job application was turned down. Maybe you were fired, I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean that you are not good enough.

Often times we are redirected to something better. J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter after being sacked as a secretary for ­‘day­dreaming’. She then got rejected by not one, not two, but 12 publishers before the chairman of Bloomsbury brought home the Potter manuscript for his ­daughter Alice to read. Almost every record label turned down Beatles. Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.” Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Oprah Winfrey was told she was “unfit for TV.” Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

Brian Acton got his job application rejected by Facebook at 2009 – then he co-founded WhatsApp with Jan Koum and yesterday Facebook bought WhatsApp For $16 000 000 000.

I could continue forever. But you have to understand that being rejected is not a bad thing, it’s your attitude when you get rejected that matters. Don’t you want to prove people wrong when you get rejected? I do.

You must become the kind of person who grows from rejection. Being rejected is not a disaster, disaster is being trapped in a mine, disaster is being in a plane that’s going down.

The possibilities for learning from rejection are endless. It might be that you realize just how important a particular value is to you compared to someone else (like loyalty). Or it could be that you understand now that if you learned to communicate your feelings better, it would make a huge difference in your next relationship. And since we’re all going to experience AND live through rejection, why not make it a point to learn something?

Have you ever known anyone who has such a level of confidence that they face rejection and come out unscathed? I guess we all have that one friend who is not scared to go out and ask absolutely every girl he meets, and in the ends he always has a date. These people “secret” is that they are totally comfortable with the fact that with rejection there can be great learning and growth. They are also the individuals who have learned not to take rejection personally. They are able to understand that sometimes rejection may be a blessing in disguise and that it can take time for that fact to reveal itself.

You should always remember that there is no shame in being rejected. The real shame lies in not trying and giving up. Just remember, sometimes it isn’t about you at all. Sometimes it’s about what the other person’s journey is supposed to be. It’s a hard lesson, but one that all of us can understand.

So, in your life – have you been “rejected” lately? And if so, what did you make that mean about yourself? I know it hurts and it will for a while – this too will pass. But what did you make the rejection MEAN about yourself? Did you make it mean something negative about you? Or did you just take it as GRACE and move on.

What's the most motivating one-liner ever?

When will girls begin to notice the nice guys?

When will girls begin to notice the nice guys? by Himadri Shekhar

Answer by Himadri Shekhar:

The fact is we already do.

  • We noticed when you dropped us home at midnight. Remember the Thank you?
  • We noticed when you spent hours listening to our incessant talks.You hung up the phone before the Thank you.
  • We noticed when you became our protector. We just want to handle our problems ourselves. But we noticed.
  • We noticed when you saved your pocket money to buy us a gift. Remember the Rakhi sweets? That’s all we could do.
  • We noticed when you didn’t judge us by others opinion. That is the reason we open up to you.
  • We noticed your disappointment when we didn’t get into a relationship. But you see, we are scared of losing out on a friend because of a relationship.
  • We noticed when you didn’t flirt with us. That is the reason we are your ‘bros’.
  • We noticed you working hard for your family. Trust us ,we admire that.
  • We notice when you wanted to get in a relationship with us rather than a hookup. We wanted you to speak up. We are still waiting.

Why didn’t we ever tell you that? We did.

Between conversations, after goodbyes, by that smile. Oh! you want a verbal confirmation?That’s not gonna happen.

What’s the point of revealing your secret, if you want to be the superman in our life.

When will girls begin to notice the nice guys?

Who are some lesser known characters of Ramayana?

Who are some lesser known characters of Ramayana? by @SaurabhYadav789

Answer by Saurabh Yadav:

1. According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, Lord Rama was an outstanding human being. But in Rama Charit Manas, Tulsidas referred him as god.

Hindus perceive Lord Rama as Maryada Purushottama, the perfect man.

2. Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva. To impress god, he sacrificed his head. This happened ten times after which Lord Shiva gave him all those heads.

3. Laxman didn’t sleep at all during the 14 years of exile in an effort to guard Rama and Sita.

He’s known as Gudakesh, the man who’s defeated sleep.

4. In place of Laxman, his wife Urmila slept for 14 years, completing both her own, and Laxman’s, share of sleep.

Urmila is a lesser known character in Ramayana.

5. Hanuman covered himself with sindoor to keep Lord Rama safe. That’s the reason he’s called Bajrang Bali.

6. Sita had broken the shiv dhanush ( Lord Shiva's bow) during her childhood. That’s the reason King Janak put the condition of breaking the bow at Sita’s swayamvar.

7. The white stripes on a squirrel’s body are given by Lord Rama.

When the monkeys were making Ram Setu, a squirrel tried to help them. The monkey’s made fun of it, but lord Rama was impressed with its dedication. Ram patted the back of squirrel and the white stripes appeared as his finger prints.

8. Nandi, the bull, had cursed Ravana. He had said that monkeys will become a cause of your destruction.

Remember the incident in Ramayana when Hanumanji puts Lanka on fire?

9. Laxman killed three sons of Ravana – Meghnad, Prahast and Atikay.

Out of Ravana’s three sons, only Meghnad has been discussed on several occasions in Ramayana.

10. While Lord Rama is known to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Laxman is considered to be an avatar of

Sheeshnaag, the serpent associated with Vishnu.

11. Kuber, god of wealth, had constructed Lanka for himself. However, he was overthrown by his half brother, Ravana.

12. Sita’s name during the exile was Vaidehi.

Who are some lesser known characters of Ramayana?

What are some of the best tweets about Indian movies?

What are some of the best tweets about Indian movies? by @sjnitb

Answer by Shantanu Jain:

Brace yourself for some of the EPIC tweets about B..B..Bollywood 😉

  • True story about every Indian mom!
  • Biswatosh completely nailed it..ROFL!! 😉
  • Yup there’s a special emoji dedicated to~
  • Patanjali’s products can do miracles 😉
  • She has a valid point!
  • This is similar to 2MP camera pic vs. DSLR pic 😀
  • Guess what’s the favorite tomato ketchup of Big B?
  • Bombay Velvet’s touch experience!
  • Jackie Shroff trolled 😉
  • This is insane! Sex sofa Advertisement.. xD
  • Two root two, two root two!!
  • Katrina Kaif’s belly had better expressions in ‘Kala Chashma’ than her face!
  • This guy’s a expert in Set theory I guess! 😉
  • What I get – “Do you want to upgrade to Win10?”.
  • Everything is possible in Bollywood movies 😀
  • Funny tweet on Arijit’s songs..

Thanks a lot for reading!!

A very happy Diwali to all 🙂


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What are some of the best tweets about Indian movies?