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Raat Chaand Gulzar – Sunday September 30

4 p.m. Sunday September 30
McAfee Theater, Saratoga High School
20300 Herriman Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070

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Group and children discount available!

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India is all set to get a Female President.


Yes, Ma’am Supreme Commander! – First in India’s 60 year history India is all set to get a Female President, though it had a female prime minister twice, I guess, having a female president is slightly different as Hindustantimes, one of the top two newspapers in India reported

Yes, Ma’am Supreme Commander!

The last male bastion — the position of supreme commander of India’s armed forces — will fall if UPA candidate Pratibha Patil makes it to Rashtrapati Bhavan. But the generals are fine with snapping out crisp salutes to her.

Army chief General JJ Singh told Hindustan Times: “As a nation, we have always been open to women holding the highest offices. We have had a woman prime minister and now we are likely to get a woman president. It will be a great honour for us to serve whoever is appointed the supreme commander.”

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‘Ketchup Brigadier’ gets reprieve

Indian Army has reduced the punishment Suresh S Rao, the ‘Ketchup Brigadier’ as he came to be called, to just a severe reprimand and 7 years loss of seniority.  Earlier he was sentenced to summary dismissal from service after being found guilty of fake encounters for glory hunt.

He got his name as “Ketchup Brigadier” when it was discovered that the slain militants being photographed were splashed with tomato ketchup to claim encounters as “fresh”.

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India Celebrates its 58th Republic Day

Today, Jan 26th 2006, India celebrated its 58th Republic Day .

The chief guest of honor was Mr. Vladimir Putin, president of Russia. The two countries signed various landmark agreements including a nuclear agreement where Russia would help India build 4 new nuclear reactors.

Interestingly, just last month, the US Congress passed, an historic agreement that Bush signed during his visit to India last year, reversing decades  of US policy, that would allow seperation of Indian civil & military facilities Indian civilian nuclear facilities to can now receive nuclear fuel from US companies.

It is interesting, how India is, to say the least, still trying to maintain its Non-Aligned position.

Indeed, India is Special, as Putin also mentioned in his address during the parade.

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PayPal Opening a New Development Center in Chennai, India

via EFY PayPal is planning to open a new development centre in Chennai, India, and hire hundreds of technical positions in 2007. The company is on the look out for techno-professional for the new centre.

“The setting up of PayPal’s India Development Centre is validation of India’s front-runner status in the global IT scenario,” said Dayanidhi Maran, union minister for communications and information technology. “The vast knowledge and expertise of Indian technical professionals will help PayPal expand its business, while continuing to provide secure online payment services for millions of Internet customers.”

PayPal vice president and general manager of global product development Raj Sundaresan said the company is now accepting resumes from experienced applicants, who can apply for positions by sending resumes to The PayPal development centre has openings for technical professionals with expertise in product development, software engineering and other IT functions.