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RailsConf 2007 Sold Out


RailsConf 2007 has been sold out within a couple weeks of opening, even though they had doubled the seats this year to 1200. This is the first time when Orielly Media is organizing the official Rails conference. They still have a waiting list for the conference if you want to sign up.

See you there.

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Registration for Railsconf 2007 is open


Registration for Ruby on Rails Conference 2007 is open now. This year it would be held in Portland, Oregon from May 17th – May 20th. If you want to attend the conference, hurry up as the conference last year was sold out in a week. I have heard that within the first day of opening, almost half the seats are gone. That is about 600 registrations in the first day.

If you are a member of any Orielly group, Just enter the discount code rc07usrg and get another 15% off the conference fees.

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Ruby Book Sales Surpass Perl & Python

Programming Language Trends

It was just last December that Tim O’Reilly said that Ruby book sales had surpassed Python book sales. Now Ruby book sales have also surpassed Perl book sales.Tim O’Reilly posted the graph below which shows the books sales since 2003 for the most commonly used dynamic programming languages.