What are some interesting facts about Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw?

From: https://www.quora.com/profile/Pradeep-Sethi/https-www-quora-com-What-are-some-interesting-facts-about-Field-Marshal-Sam-Manekshaw-answer-Amit-Sinha-282

When Dr. Abdul Kalam Ji was the President of India, he visited Coonoor. On reaching there , he came to know that Field Marshall Sir Sam Manekshaw Ji 🙏🙏was in the Military Hospital there. Dr. Kalam wanted to visit Sam sir , which was unscheduled. Arrangements were made though. At the bedside, Dr. APJ Kalam Ji🙏🙏 spent about 15 minutes talking to Sam Sir and enquiring about his health. Just before leaving Dr. Kalam asked Sir Sam, “Are you comfortable? Is there anything I could do? Do you have any grievance or any requirement that would make you feel more comfortable?”
Sam said, “Yes Your Excellency. I have one grievance.”
Shocked with concern and anguish Dr. Kalam asked him what It was. Sam replied, “Sir my grievance is that I am not able to get up and Salute my most respected President of my beloved country.”
Dr. Kalam held Sam’s hand as both were in tears.

But the remaining part of the tale regarding this meeting is that Sir Sam Manekshaw did tell Dr, Kalam that he was not paid the pension of the Field Marshall’s rank till then, for nearly twenty years. An aghast President went to Delhi and passed the pension with arrears within a week and sent the cheque of nearly Rs.1.25 Crores through the Defence Secretary by a special plane to Wellington, Ooty where Sam was ailing and handed over a message from Prime Minister
Dr. Manmohan Singh ji .That was the greatness of our beloved President .FYI, President is also supreme commander of our armed forces!!
But then, Sam received the cheque and promptly donated It to The Army Relief Fund.

My Salutes to both the Distinguished Patriotic Indian Gentlemen of #MaaBharathi

They are some of #realheros we youth should have them as role models and not some hypocrite cine actors ,corrupt ,communal and castist politicians.

Unfortunately ,it is very hard to find people like them in this current world.

God bless!!

Sources : Sam Manekshaw – Wikipedia ( pls see honours and post retirement section on the page )







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