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British Spy Exposed on Facebook

There are red faces in the UK today after it emerged that private details about the incoming head of MI6 were posted to Facebook by his wife. The details included information about John Sawers’ family, residence, vacations…and a photo of Sawers in a Speedo.

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America’s Secret Innovation Weapon: Immigration

Nice read


When I was 8 years old, my father explained to me the secret to American prosperity. Immigrants come to the United States and take menial jobs so that their children have a chance at a better future, he told me.

While the jobs they take are below their intrinsic capabilities, they’re focused on giving their children a better life, not personal job satisfaction. Second-generation children, seeing how hard their parents work to give them an opportunity, in turn work hard at school, where, he noted, they often focus on mathematics and science in pursuit of the economic returns promised by careers in engineering and medicine. Third-generation kids  … more