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Realize that before you succeed it will seem like you have failed

Anand has referenced the Texas startup blog that lists some advice on would-be entrepreneurs:

  • Commit 13 months to making the business a success.
  • Prepare your family for the 13 month commitment and get their buy-in.
  • Work on and in your business for 12 hours a day (including weekends).
  • Be prepared not to make any money for the first 13 months.
  • Be prepared to change your business plan over and over until you get it right.
  • Be prepared to do everything yourself.
  • Be prepared to fight with your partners, spouse, friends and family.
  • Realize that before you succeed it will seem like you have failed – don’t give up.
  • Realize that if it was easy everyone would do it

I particularly liked the “Realize that before you succeed it will seem like you have failed – don’t give up.” I believe that is true to a great extent for any non-traditional, move that has enough risk in it, to make it an opportunity. There are times before you see the success that it would seem that you’ve failed.

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PodTube – Download YouTube videos to your iPod in 1 click

With PodTube you can download YouTube videos to your iPod in 1 click.

PodTube can download, encode to MPEG4, and add to your iTunes librairy any YouTube video your are viewing with Safari. Enjoy!

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BillMonk Video by Co-Founders, Gaurav Oberoi & Chuck Groom

The co-founders of share in this video, at the Google Techtalk, their background, design & UI decisions that they made when working on BillMonk and the lessons learnt.

ABSTRACT The web 2.0 bubble inflates as geeks pump out an astonishing number of web-based solutions to daily problems. But a lot of these solutions only appeal to a small niche. What goes into a service that appeals to a broad range of people?

How can it start and grow without a generous helping of capital? The two guys behind, a service for helping friends with the casual borrowing of money and stuff, will share their views from the trenches. They will share the story of what it took to quit their comfy jobs at Amazon, how a handful of philosophical axioms dictated the entire site design and interface, anthropological observations about the 18-26 year-old demographic with respect to money and computers, and some of the technical challenges they’ve faced. There will be room for discussion about Ruby, Linux, when to open-source parts of your platform, and business lessons for geeks. 

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VideoEgg Hatches $12 Million in Funding

I have been using VideoEgg a lot these days. Their service is simple, easy to use & powerful.

They got another $12 million in Round C funding.

VideoEgg, a social video ad network which launched on Monday, has just announced it has received $12 million in round C funding, headed by venture firm Maveron. August Capital and First Round Capital, two of VideoEgg’s existing investors, also contributed.

VideoEgg will use the new funds to expand the ad network and make VideoEgg videos more attractive to publishers. Currently users of sites like Bebo, Hi5, AOL, Dogster, Tagged, and Current TV can post videos from any devices using the VideoEgg system.

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Yahoo acquires Web video-editing company Jumpcut

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Internet media giant Yahoo Inc. said on Wednesday it had acquired Jumpcut, a site that provides simple-to-use online video-editing tools, its latest bid to enhance its Web video services offerings.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Six-month-old Jumpcut of San Francisco provides Web users a free set of online video editing tools that give people the ability to manipulate moving video images without the need to own or install software on their own computers.


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mxGraph – Javascript Graphs on Steroids

mxGraphs is a Javascript library that uses built-in browser capabilities to provide an interactive drawing and diagramming solution. mxGraph outperforms all existing solutions in startup time, interactivity and functionality. Watch the screencast here.

Leveraging the latest in browser and web technologies, mxGraph is the ultimate solution for drawing diagrams in a browser. Using open standards, mxGraph does not depend on any third-party plugins and proprietary software. mxGraph works straight out of the box, no client configuration, no plugin installation, no platform dependencies – it just works!

It allows drag & drop of shapes, lines, images with various colors & pens. It also lets you specify opacity, fill colors, gradient color etc for the shapes, all thru pure Javascript, pretty amazing. I have been using Gliffy for a while that provides the same functionality but is built in Flash. mxGraph is a great example on how much you can do with pure JS and the browser.

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VoIP, Skype Blocking in Third World Countries

Russell Shaw writes about VoIP blocking in third world countries. Namibia is going for people using VoIP and five people have been busted for using Internet for VoIP. 2 years ago, there was a bust in Belarus as well and there is complete prohibition of VoIP in Bangladesh.

It reminds me that it wasn’t long ago  (little over 4 years) that VoIP was completely banned in India as well & you had to sign a contract with VSNL (state owned only net provider at that time) that you won’t be using net for anything else than viewing web sites, and sites such as Dialpad etc were not allowed in India.

Compared to that, VoIP is on a huge rise now, Skype & Yahoo Voice messenger are extremely popular. Calling cards rates have dropped about 800% and you can call New Delhi now for 3 cents per minute & Hydrabad for 1.5 cents per minute. It is also important to note that India still doesn’t have huge infrastructure, in terms of phone lines, compared to most European countries.