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You can find It (web 2.0) on eBay

After Kiko – a Web 2.0 deadpool company managed to get $2,58,000 on eBay, Another Web 2.0 company 2.0 is on sale on eBay.

Is this a new Web 2.0 trend?


gBay – YahBay


After eBay announced a strategic partenshipwith Google earlier this week, speculations about a possible merger between eBay & Yahoo have increased. Valleywagsaid “Everyone knows that Yahoo and eBay have geared up for a merger. The combined company (YahBay, eHoo, or could really battle Google on most fronts.” 

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New Skype Phone Doesn’t Need PC or Wi-Fi

Skype announced a new cordless phone on Thursday that sends and receives Skype calls just like a landline, but without the need for a computer.

Typically, Skype phones work through a computer or a laptop. The new Philips VOIP841 plugs into a standard RJ-11 home phone jack, as well as into an RJ-45 broadband connection jack. It can send and receive Skype calls as well as calls from a regular home phone number.

“So now in order to have Skype, you don’t have to have a PC,” said Manrique Brenes, director of hardware business development for Skype. But you do have to have a broadband connection.

via ABC News

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Anti Social Networks came out of Stealth mode today and annouced $16 million funding for their GPS based solution. Paul Kedrosky has an interesting perspective on it:

I’m stuck on something: If you had a best route from A to B, would you ever tell anyone? Unlike other social networks, traffic is an example of an application where there is little incentive to help anyone. It is, at least superficially, a poster child of a class of services I like to call “anti-social networks”.

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Zend raises $20 million to ride the Web 2.0 “PHP” boom

SiliconBeat: Zend raises $20 million to ride the Web 2.0 “PHP” boom


Zend Technologies, the Cupertino start-up that sells software to develop Web sites based on the popular PHP scripting language, has raised $20 million in a fourth round of venture capital (release here).By raising so much cash, the company must be aiming to produce a substantial return to make it worthwhile for its investors. It had already raised $16 million.


Google, eBay Team in Overseas Ad Pact

Google, the world’s leading search engine, and eBay, the online auction powerhouse, have inked a multiyear pact that will see Google exclusively provide text advertisements for eBay’s auctions sites outside of the United States, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Google and eBay will start testing the text ads in 2007, and they’ll
also dually-develop “click-to-call” ad projects under which Web surfers
will be able to simply click on an ad to make a call directly to
advertisers or Web retailers, the Journal reports.

Google, eBay Team in Overseas Ad Pact – CIO News Alerts – Blog – CIO

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Jajah – Free your voice

I came across another free voice calls company – Jajah . It has a very simple interface. You put in your number and the number you want to call. It calls both the phones and put them on a conference call. Pretty cool. I tried their service to make a call within USA and it worked fine without any issues.

I am still waiting for a company to offer free calls to landlines in India.