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What can I learn right now in 2 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life

What can I learn right now in 2 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life by Jaydev Ashra

Answer by Jaydev Ashra:

​So, There are Four Questions to Answer.

Q1. Divide the White area in square A into two equal pieces.

Easy!!! Isn't it?

Here is the Answer…

Q2. Divide the White area in square B into three equal pieces.

Come on, it is not soo difficult!!

Here is the Answer…

Q3. Divide the White area in square C into four equal pieces.

Very difficult?? That's right!!!

Here is the Answer…

Be ready, here comes the last Question…

Q4. Divide the area in square D into seven equal pieces.
-World Record is 7 Seconds…

Time is up…!!!


Please, don't scroll down for the answer immediately, just try to solve it.

​Here is the Answer…!!!

Was it that difficult?

​It was just to see how our minds can be conditioned…:)))

Lessons Learnt:

  • Most of the times, our mind gets conditioned so much by the circumstances that – we cannot see the obvious.
  • We assume that things are so complicated and we get entrapped in the ghost of it's thoughts.
  • We carry on the syndrome to our relationships and make them complicated, too.

Be simple in life!

What can I learn right now in 2 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life

Why is it that some people don’t like Islam?

Why is it that some people don't like Islam? by Elke Weiss

Answer by Elke Weiss:

Please don’t use this as an opportunity to bash 1.6 billion Muslims. I am not sure if you guys know, but I have Muslim friends and neighbors. Muslims serve side by side Jews in the IDF and one of the most passionate Zionists I know is Muslim. I critiqued one behavior.

I think there are some aspects to all religions which are frightening, but here’s one that bothers me, the holiest country to Muslims is Saudi Arabia, and the holiest cities are found there. But the behavior feels quite unholy to me and I think it’s something Islam can improve.

There’s very little public disgust about Mecca practicing religious apartheid. I’m shocked and saddened to see a city in the twenty first century, where the roads are actually segregated by religion.

I also don’t understand how there isn’t more public protest against the lack of freedom of religion there. According to the State Department, non-Muslims of different faiths who engage in overt religious activity have been subject to “ arrest, imprisonment, lashing, deportation, and sometimes torture” Saudi Arabia

There are churches and mosques in the Jewish state of Israel.

There are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.

My Muslim friend can eat dinner with me near my home in Jerusalem. I can’t eat dinner with him near his home in Mecca. Hypothetically, he could have tea in my living room if we were chaperoned but not in his living room, because as a Jew, I can’t enter the city. (Why chaperone? It’s his religious requirement since I’m an unmarried woman)

My friend can pray in Jerusalem, wear his traditional clothing, observe his faith publicly.

I can’t pray in Mecca (if I wanted to), wear a Magen David necklace or observe my faith publicly.

Jews and Muslims celebrating their faiths openly.

I think Muslims who enjoy the freedom of religion in other countries should work harder to bring that freedom back to the cradle of their faith.

Why is it that some people don't like Islam?

What are some of the strangest facts about famous Indian movies?

What are some of the strangest facts about famous Indian movies? by Suryateja Rokkam

Answer by Suryateja Rokkam:

Some interesting/amazing/strange facts about Sholay:

  • Two producer/director teams rejected the idea before it found favor with Ramesh Sippy.
  • late Amjad Khan was never the first choice for playing Gabbar Singh ? The role was first offered to Danny Denzongpa. However, Danny turned the offer down as he was already busy with Feroz Khan's Dharmatma which was to be shot in Afghanistan at the same time. He was almost dropped because scriptwriter Javed Akhtar found his voice too weak for Gabbar Singh's role.
  • Dharmendra was head over heels in love with ‘dream girl' Hema Malini so much that the actor reportedly used to pay the light boys to disrupt the shooting whenever a romantic sequence of the couple was being shot so that there could be several takes.
  • The song “Yeh Dosti” took 21 days to shoot; the scene where Jaya’s character Radha lights a lamp took 20 days to shoot.
  • Thakur’s character was originally supposed to be a retired army officer. This was changed to a police officer because the filmmakers thought it would be difficult to get requisite permissions.
  • Shatrughan Sinha was initially considered for the role of Jai.
  • It took 40 retakes before the scene featuring the line “kitne aadmi they” was finalized.
  • Amitabh wanted to play the role of Gabbar. “When I first heard the script of “Sholay” I told Salim-Javed (the scripwriters) ‘I want to do the role of Gabbar’. But Ramesh Sippy (the director) decided to cast me as Jai,” Bachchan said in a interview.
  • Apparently, real bullets were used while filming Sholay's climax and a stray bullet is said to have narrowly missed Amitabh Bachchan.
  • Mac Mohan’s character, Sambha had only one line in the film, but he is still referred to as ‘Sambha’. Initially, the role of Sambha was much more but post editing it was reduced to just three words.
  • Mac Mohan traveled 27 Times to Bangalore for the Sholay Shooting: The three words “Poore Pachaas Hazaar” in the movie Sholay shot Mac Mohan or the gun toting Sambha to fame. Sounds difficult to believe but yes the actor who played the smallest roles in the film traveled 27 times from Mumbai to Bangalore to complete the take.
  • Interestingly, Dharmendra was quite interested in playing the role of Thakur Baldev Singh. However, when the actor was informed about Sanjeev Kumar playing the role of Veeru opposite Hema Malini, Dharmendra gave up the idea of playing Thakur and went on to play Veeru because he too was wooing Hema Malini during those days.
  • The town called Ramanagara, about 50 kms from Bangalore is referred to as Ramgarh in Sholay. The rocks around the area are still referred to as Sholay-rocks and are now a tourist attraction.
  • In 1999, BBC India called Sholay the Film of the Millennium. It also topped the all-time poll of the best Indian films conducted by the British Film Institute. However it won only one Filmfare award – for best editing.
  • Though released on August 15 1975, Sholay was launched on 2nd October 1973.
  • Gabbar features in only nine scenes of the film.
  • Sharman Joshi’s father Arvind Joshi starred in the film as one of Sanjeev Kumar’s sons.

Edit 1: Ramanagara is still called Ramnagara not Ramagarh. Thanks Rishabh Kapoor for the edit

Edit 2: Sharman Joshi’s father in sholay as sanjeev kumar’s son, gabbar features in only 9 scenes, Real bullet points

Edit 3: Updated Sambha pic

Source: Kitney aadmi the? 16 lesser-known facts about Sholay

40 years of 'Sholay': 10 interesting facts about the blockbuster movie

18 Facts About 'Sholay' That Will Compel You To Watch It Once Again…

Thanks Prashobh Nair for the edit !!

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What are some of the strangest facts about famous Indian movies?